St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Together we love, live and learn.

The Governing Body


The principal role of the Governing Body is to uphold the Catholic ethos and determine the overall strategic direction of the school.  Governors regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of the school through meetings and visits.  Governors appoint professional staff to fulfill the educational responsibilities of the school.  Governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school.

The majority of the governors are Foundation Governors who are appointed by the Archbishop.  They are practising Catholics and very often parents or former parents of children in the school.  Other governors are elected to their role by groups within the school’s community.  The Governors act collectively as a body and no governor acts as an individual without prior approval by the full governing body.


Our Governors


Co Chair of Governors- Mrs Maggie Griffiths and Mr Chris Park (also Foundation governors)

Foundation Governors –  Fr Nazarius Mgungwe, Mr Edward Hogan,  Mrs Teresa Lehane & Mrs Elizabeth Burger

Elected Parent Governors-  Mrs Kate Jones, Mrs Georgina Carroll

Elected Staff Governor – Mrs Lynda Bowen

Local Authority Governor – Mr Philip Morgans

Associate members –  Miss Charlotte Kopsch

Clerk to the Governing Body – Mrs Jane Jones


If you need to contact the governors or would like to know more about the work of governors, you should write to:

  • The Clerk to the Governing Body
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  • Newtown Road
  • Malvern
  • WR14 1PF


For all day to day matters, including questions or concerns about your child, you should contact the class teacher in the first instance.  For further questions or concerns, you should contact the Headteacher.  School staff may be contacted on request at the end of the school day or you can ask for an appointment by telephoning the school office on 01684 573016.



Mrs Therese Langford

Ex Officio – Head 


Ongoing Resources, Admissions, Learning & Teaching  
Mrs Lynda Bowen Elected staff September 17, 2022 Resources, Learning & Teaching Safeguarding (with Liz Burger)
Mrs Elizabeth Burger Foundation August 3, 2022 Staff Appeal, Pupil Discipline, Learning & Teaching Joint Vice-Chair
Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Maggie Griffiths Foundation August 2, 2022 Performance & Pay, Resources, Staff, Pupil Discipline, Learning & Teaching Joint Chair
Staff Development Lead
Mr Edward Hogan Foundation May 1, 2021 Resources, Admissions, Staff Appeal, RE & Catholic Ethos Lead
Miss Charlotte Kopsch Associate member February 1, 2020 Data, Learning & Teaching  
Dr Teresa Lehane Foundation February 6, 2022 Performance & Pay, Resources, Staff, Pupil Discipline Joint Vice-Chair
Mr Philip Morgans Local Authority September 29, 2022 Performance & Pay, Data, Resources, Admissions Health & Safety Lead
Mr Christopher Park Foundation July 1, 2020 Performance & Pay, Data, Resources, Staff Appeal, Learning & Teaching Joint Chair
Chair of Data Group
Maths & Science Lead
Mrs Georgina Carroll Parent September 25, 2023    
Mrs Kate Jones Parent December 12, 2021 Resources, Admissions, Learning & Teaching PP & LAC lead
Fr Naz Mgungwe Foundation   Admissions, Staff, Pupil Discipline  






Name of 
Governor/associate member
Category Position Relevant Business 
Other Schools 
Any relationship with other 
governors or school staff 
(including spouses, partners & relatives)
Any other interest
Therese Langford Ex-Officio Headteacher None None None None
Maggie Griffiths Foundation Joint Chair None None None None
Chris Park Foundation Joint Chair None None None None
Teresa Lehane Foundation Joint Vice-Chair None None None None
Elizabeth Burger Foundation Joint Vice-Chair None None Mother-in-law of Philip Morgans, LA governor; Mother of Anne-Marie Wood (TA); grandchildren attend the school None
Lyn Bowen Staff   None None None None
Philip Morgans LA   None None Son-in-Law of Elizabeth Burger, Foundation Governor; Brother-in-Law to Anne-Marie Wood (TA);  
Edward Hogan Foundation   None None None None
Kate Jones Parent   None   None None
Charlotte Kopsch ** Associate   None None None None
Georgina Carroll Parent   None None None None