St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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W/B 9th October 2023

This week we have continued finding out about the season Autumn and have read the book 'The Scarecrow's Hat'.  The children were fascinated that this scarecrow wore a hat, but didn't look like the scarecrow from their Harvest Celebration.  We then looked at lots of photographs of scarecrows in fields to see if they all looked different and if they all wore hats and if so, were the hats all the same or different too?  We came to the conclusion that scarecrows, like us, are all different.  We practised our fine motor control skills by threading laces around autumnal pictures and using a variety of materials to create our very own scarecrow faces, everyone chose what colour hat they would like their scarecrow to wear and how much straw they scarecrow would need.

In PE we had the apparatus out, with the challenge of how many different ways could we move across the beam and benches and to perform five small jumps and five high jumps on the trampoline (whilst holding on to the bar for safety!)  We also had challenges in the classroom, could the children make a specific repeating pattern, be it with a coloured peg board, different coloured leaves or coloured threading beads.  Continuing with our scarecrow theme, the children had different shapes that they placed together to make a scarecrow picture: oval for the tummy, a long thin rectangle for the scarecrow's stick, circles for the eyes.  The scarecrows, once finished looked fantastic. 

We have definitely enjoyed learning all about scarecrows.