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Primary School

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W/B 8th January 2024

Lost and Found.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

It's been lovely catching up with all the children again and hearing how they enjoyed their Christmas break.

We've jumped right back in to a wintery theme.

Elm children have been looking at the Antartica and which animals are found there. They have been introduced to non fiction books-books that give us information. The book they have looked at to find out information about the Antartica is called Lost and Found.   Using the non fiction books the children have been looking at maps and using globes to locate where the Antartica is and discovering how much snow and ice there is.


The children have been learning about Baptism.  This week they watched a video of a Baptism, asked lots of questions, then we re-created a Baptism with the children choosing the names for ‘their baby’.

On a Friday, Elm children are joining Holly class for PE. Mr Williamson was very impressed with their listening skills and confidence. They were practising their hand, eye co-ordination skills to play different ball games. They were throwing, bouncing and catching a small ball.  Then using cones and rackets, the children needed to balance and move carefully without dropping the ball.
Well done Elm super work!