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Primary School

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W/B 22nd January 2024

Miss Polly had a dolly.

We've had a lot of doctors and nurses looking after us this week. Miss Polly's dolly was poorly so the children decided we needed a Doctors Surgery and Hospital to help her get better.  

Maple children have been very busy, they needed to make apppointments, write down all the patient's symptoms and then write out a prescription!  Lots of great opportunties for the children to mark make.
We decided music helps people get better too so the children have been playing different instruments to accompany the rhyme.  We were very fortunate to have a glockenspiel gifted to us- and the children love it! Not only does it sound beautiful it really has helped the children with patterns and ordering. A wonderful gift which we really appreciate.


Maple children used their maths skills and fine motor skills to make Miss Polly necklaces and bracelets. Initially they were challenged to repeat a pattern; red, blue, red, blue then once they felt confident they made their own patterns. So much concentration was needed to thread the coloured straw tubes onto the pipecleaners!

During our group PE we have an 'dress up obstacle race'. The children were taught how to line up one behind each other, with only the person at the front of the line running.  They children had to run to the first 'item', put it on and run to the end of the race. We continued until all the items were 'picked up', some children even demonstrated the position you should be in to start a race.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the racing and by the end were very confident putting on 'extra layers', well done!