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Primary School

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W/B 19th February 2024

Baa baa black sheep

Welcome back after half term, we hope you all managed to get a little rest and overpower all the bugs and sniffles that are doing the rounds.


Maple children came back to a farm yard in their role play area, with lots of photographs of long haired woolly sheep.  Once the children saw the black sheep and three bags of wool, they all instantly knew it was Baa Baa Black Sheep.  An old favourite that everyone joined in with. The children had great fun with their first challenge; cutting black wool to make their own Baa Baa Black Sheep.  Everyone rose to the challenge of using a variety of scissors to strengthen their finger muscles- a tricky, but accomplished job.


Maple and Elm joined forces for PE and had a great time.  They were pretending to ‘move and speak’ like certain farm animals.  We had pigs snuffling and rolling in the mud, ducks jumping and quacking away, horses galloping and sheep baa-ing and huddling together.  Once the children had all the animal elements we put out the large apparatus.  The children remembered the safety rules; one person on each section of the apparatus at once, jumping when clear and onto two feet and different ways to move.  We were very impressed with how confident everyone was.


Maple children were colour detectives this week, finding different colours around the school that were pretending to be ‘other things’.  The children worked really hard on recognising all the colours.  This is an easy game to continue at home or even on the school run, “can you see anything purple?”  They also matched coloured spots on lolly sticks, the Maple children have definitely worked hard on their colour recognition.


Maple children practised their 1:1 counting to five on the Whiteboard, then took part in an interactive Cosmic Kids on the farm.  They are so flexible and can move from one difficult pose to another seamlessly.

The week was completed by learning how to shear a sheep and all the uses for their wool from beautiful knitted jumpers to adding lanolin from their wool into lipsticks.  It was fascinating,


A great start to the new half term - keep up the good work everyone!