St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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W/B 29th April

The Very Busy Spider.

This week Elm was all things 'spidery', their book was The very busy spider, they role played the story beautifully, adding in all the details from the story.  They have been practising  Incy Wincy spider, ready to support Holly in their class assembly next week.


As with every week, the children are astounding us with their phonetic knowledge, their blending CVC words is amazing.  This week they focussed on the phonemes: w,v,y and z. One of their favourite games to play is Odd one out, they listen to three words, two beginning with the same phonemes and one without, the children need to listen to the words and find the one that doesn't begin with the same phoneme, eg; rabbit, rain, wellies.


On Wednesday Elm joined with Maple for PE, Kayleigh started the session with a warm up, the children then very carefully followed Danny Go.  By the end of the session, everyone was worn out!  On Friday, the children joined with Holly class.  At lunch they were very excitedly telling us how to hold a hockey the correct way and the best way to make the ball travel the furthest.


All the children have welcomed the drier weather we have had, as it means we can spend more time in the outdoor classroom by Holly class.  We have had some new friends settling and they have been very welcomed and looked after by Elm and Maple children.

A great week, well done everyone.