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W/B 29th January 2024

Humpty Dumpty.

This week Maple children have been singing probably one of the most familiar nursery rhymes - Humpty Dumpty.  
The rhyme took no introducing, everyone already knew it. In our home corner the children were busy building a brick wall for Humpty to sit on that hopefully he wouldn't fall off.  The children had gathered horses and soldiers and could be heard singing the rhyme and re-enacting each stage as they went along.

We played games whilst comparing different amounts, using the words-bigger, smaller, more and less. 

In our joint PE session with Elm, we had the parachute out again. The children waited for their turn to run over to Humpty, grab as many bricks as they could in a set time and begin to build Humpty's wall. After everyone had participated in building Humpty's wall we then 'jumped' Humpty around until he jumped off the parachute and onto the wall. Sadly, he still fell down!

In their creative sessions the children had to 'join' all of Humpty's broken parts back together again. To ensure he didn't break again we glued some colourful plasters on to him to keep him safe.

The children have been practising strengthening their fingers by picking up tiny Humpty's with tweezers and sorting them into the correct colour.


Elm children told the Maple children a penguin fact -  Did you know when penguins lay an egg, rather than the egg sitting in a nest to keep it safe, instead the egg sits on penguins feet snuggled in their coat to keep until the baby penguin is ready to hatch?  Maple children loved this fact so much they incorporated it into our PE warm up. We all had a ball in between our feet then we had to waddle around like the penguins do.
Believe us, it's a lot harder than you think!