St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, together we love live and learn.

W/B 4th December 2023

Spaceships, flying saucers and strange little aliens have been joining us this week.
Five little men in a flying saucer is great at helping children to recognise numbers decreasing in value.  
As well as continuing to practise for our Nativity, which the children are doing brilliantly at, our thoughts have turned to Advent.
We generously have Advent wreaths around the school. The children have been fascinated to learn about the five candles. Their first question  was why are there three purple candle,  one 'pink'  candle and one white. They all thought calling the pink candle 'rose' sounded so much better and loved the idea that the candles were lit on the four Sundays building up to Christmas to represent the countdown to  Christmas and the white candle to be lit on Christmas morning to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  
We've been very busy, opening Advent candles, re-enacting the Christmas story,  making clay and salt dough tree hangings and so much more!
We are now on a count down to our Nativity, less than one week until the children sing their hearts out and make us even more prouder of them. The Nativity will take place on Wednesday 13th December, starting at 1.30pm, lasting approximately an hour.
We look forward to welcoming you all for this special celebration.