St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, together we love live and learn.

W/B 27th November 2023

The children were very excited to be reciting Twinkle twinkle little star this week. Each day they sang it through numerous times, adding actions and Elm children were recognising which words rhyme. 
The children have been developing their finger strength and pincer grip using a selection of tweezers to locate lots of different sized stars.  They have been mark making in rice and lentils and moulding and cutting out stars in playdough.

Our new Maple children are enjoying counting how many children are here, guessing whose name begins with a specific sound and singing our days of the week song.
Both classes joined together for PE playing parachute games. It was the first time some children had played with a parachute and they giggled with happiness at being swirled around in the centre of the parachute.
We are continuing to practice for our Nativity, hopefully you all know most of the words and actions from all the practising that is taken part.