St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, together we love live and learn.

W/B 3rd June


Elm children realised that the month had changed so they needed to look at their calendar to see what the next month was. Once they had found June, they wanted to look through the calendar to see which month everyone’s birthdays were in.


Their new phoneme was ‘x’, they were saying words that end in a ‘x’. They then practised blending words such as b-o-x, s-i-x, w-a-x. They are so good at blending the phonemes now, we’ll done Elm.

After their first game they played ‘what sound?’ What sound does a p-i-g make?

On Wednesday they were set a challenge. They listened to a three phoneme word like n-e-ck and had to say which was the final sound, they were fantastic at this. Their next challenge was to hear the middle sound, which again they were fantastic at.


As the children were learning about snails, they asked to make a snail, this involved them using their cutting skills to cut out their leaf for the snail to eat. Cutting practise is very important, if they can also practise at home as well, that would really benefit them. Always remember to tell them to have their thumb up!


In PE Elm and Maple joined up. They had the apparatus out and had to carry their cannonballs (a beanbag). They had to throw their beanbag to an adult whilst they swung across on a rope, they then climb up the boat and had to throw their cannonball as if they were firing and ended with jumping into the sea. Everyone had a great time and asked to have the apparatus out next week too.


Both rooms are in the process of making 'special gifts' for certain special members of their families, all will be revealed by Sunday 16th!!

As we have been fortunate most days to have some sunshine we have continued to make the most of the outdoor classrooms. Everyone was enjoying the tuff spot being filled with water, seeing if they could predict what would float or sink. Fingers crossed they don't continue their experiments with belongings from their home.


A lovely first week back.