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Primary School

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W/B 11th March 2024

Inch Wincy Spider.

This week Maple children were joined by an eight legged friend - Incy Wincy Spider!  The children loved singing the nursery rhyme and showing the grown ups the actions. During the week the children watched a video of baby spiders hatching and a grown up spider spinning a web. 

The children enjoyed making spiders and re-enacting the song with the toy spiders and a toilet roll drainpipe!

The Maple children are really enjoying using the interactive whiteboard in St Mary’s room, we started sorting shape patterns on the interactive program Topmarks.  The children were recognising their colours as well as naming the shapes and discussing the patterns they could see.  We also practised physical patterns such as singing Heads,  shoulders, knees and toes as well as repeating and continuing a repeated pattern with different sized spider patterns.


We joined Elm for our PE session and practised our throwing and catching a ball skills.  Everyone listened very carefully to instructions and worked really hard with their catching-well done!


In RE, Elm and Maple children talked about how we show we love people, the children had great suggestions of how they show they love their Mummies and Daddies.  As we have been talking about Lent, we looked on our Lent calendar and discussed some of the daily suggestions the calendar has.  We posed the question could we follow any of them or can we think of some other activities we could do.  Surprisingly, no one (including the adults!) were keen on giving up chocolate for Lent!