St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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W/B 22nd January 2024

Over in the Artic where the cold wind blows.

Elm children have been listening to the book Over in the Artic where the cold wind blows.

This story gives us lots of opportunities to hear rhyming words as well as learn about the different types of animals that live in the Arctic.  Elm children have really enjoyed finding out different facts from the books they have been introduced too and are becoming excellent researchers searching for animal facts.


We joined Maple children for PE, we had a 'dress up obstacle race'. The children were taught how to line up one behind each other, with only the person at the front of the line running.  They children had to run to the first 'item', put it on and run to the end of the race. We continued until all the items were 'picked up', some children even demonstrated the position you should be in to start a race.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the racing and by the end were very confident putting on 'extra layers', well done! 

Elm children also joined Holly class for their PE session. Elm children are now so independent when it comes to taking off shoes and socks or tights and listening to instructions, if we didn't know them you would think they are all reception children. Their listening skills make us so proud.

Elm children also visited our church St Joseph's.  The visit was an excellent opportunity to see what the church looks like when we are not celebrating Christmas.  The children had been learning all about being baptised. They had role played a baptism and were fascinated to see what the baptism font looked like. To top of their visit the children were lucky enough to see Father Naz. As always Father Naz made sure he had time to speak to the children, answer any questions they had and pose for photographs.

Thank you Father Naz, we love visiting you in the church.