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W/B 11th March 2024

Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Hot Cross Buns.

Elm children are still amazing us with their phonic knowledge. They were introduced to new phonemes and revisited phonemes: j, u, h, r this week.  They also read the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  The children loved listening to the story and know exactly what happens when.  They loved re-enacting the story with the role play bears and practised making porridge with real oats.  

We are amazed everyday by how many phonemes the children now know and we can see their progression when they are segmenting and blending CVC words, ie: consonant vowel consonant, f-o-x, c-a-t, d-o-g.  They are also beginning to segment words such as ‘ch-I-n’, they listen to instructions: “touch your ch-I-n.”


This week we joined Maple for our PE session and practised our throwing and catching a ball skills.  Everyone listened very carefully to instructions and worked really hard with their catching-well done!


In RE, Elm and Maple children talked about how we show we love people, the children had great suggestions of how they show they love their Mummies and Daddies.  As we have been talking about Lent, we looked on our Lent calendar and discussed some of the daily suggestions the calendar has.  We posed the question could we follow any of them or can we think of some other activities we could do.  Surprisingly, no one (including the adults!) were keen on giving up chocolate for Lent!


On Friday, Elm children joined Mr Williamson and Holly class for Forest School.  They really enjoy working with Holly class, they definitely aspire to work on the same level as the Reception children.