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Primary School

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W/B 22nd April

The Hungry Caterpillar.

In PE on Wednesday we joined with Maple. Kayleigh held a yoga warm up ( having taken part in Cosmic Kids yoga most weeks the children are becoming accustomed to the yoga moves and their names). The children thought of the next suitable move to ensure we warmed up and stretched our whole body. After we were fully stretched we played a minibeast game. We decided which mini beasts we wanted to use, then talked about How they move. The children really enjoyed taking ownership of the actions.

Elm children start their day with their now and next board, followed by saying their prayer. The register is taken by saying hello to the children but instead of saying their name, we say words that begin with their name to help them reinforce their initial phonemes, eg: cherries, rhubarb, aardvark.


The new phonemes introduced this week are 'ch' and 'q'.
The children love playing 'Blend from the box' eg: qu-ee-n, qu-I-ck, qu-a-ck. They then played touch your: f-oo-t, b-a-ck,


The children this week have been reading The Hungry Caterpillar. They were asked questions about the story later on and were able to remember the events in the correct order. Well done Elm! With Maple children we went into St Mary's room to watch the life cycle of a caterpillar. The children were mesmerised watching the butterfly come out of the cocoon. We finished by singing The Tiny Caterpillar.


The children came back to their classroom to find their numbered caterpillar was all mixed up. Their challenge was to order the numbers correctly, which, of course, they did!


During our lunch time the Elm children are practising eating a little quicker in anticipation for being big Holly children. We have put stickers on the clock so the children can begin to understand the time they would have and then we are looking to see how much we have eaten. The children are really enjoying the challenge and are fast becoming 'school ready.'


A very productive week for all, well done.