St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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W/B 13th November 2023

Maple children were soldiers this week marching up and down hills with The Grand old Duke of York. They had soldiers and horses with different sized hills. Some hills were created from moon sand, others from boxes covered in green grass. Some of the children had the horses galloping around the room!  In PE we continued the nursery rhyme theme, we marched, walked, trotted and galloped like a horse and moved as though we were riding a horse.
Using musical instruments we tried to replicate the sounds of the horses hooves and the soldiers marching.  The children felt the drum best matched the marching and the coconut shells, the horses hooves.
We've had new children join us this week and we are very proud of not only how well our new friends have settled but also how welcoming all the children were.  They showed them where different activities were, where the boundaries were outside and interacted with them beautifully.
On a final note, as the days become colder, please make sure you send your child in a warm hooded coat, hat and gloves/mittens.  Also, spare clothes, especially socks and trousers.  As we all know, all children are attracted to puddles, mud and slimy leaves!!