St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, together we love live and learn.

W/B 15th January 2024

Five Little Penguins.

This week Maple children have been listening to the rhyme Five Little Penguins.

They have really enjoyed the preposition challenges in maths. We have been hiding the penguins on top of the icebergs, behind them, under them, next to them and infront of the iceberg. Their understanding of prepositions is growing daily! The children pretended to be penguins and learnt a penguin dance. Whilst being penguins we re-enacted the rhyme, the children's ability to count reliably up to five is coming along nicely. 

We joined forces with Elm children for our PE.  The children love having the parachute out. They took it in turns to run around the parachute, grab a number between 1-3 and pick up the corresponding number of snowballs and throw them onto the parachute. They thought it was so funny watching all the snowballs bounce up and down on the parachute. We ended our session with a snowball fight.

The children thoroughly enjoyed all the team games and working together and demonstrated amazing listening skills.
A very fun, informative week for all!