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W/B 16th October 2023

This week the children have noticed the trees are beginning to let their leaves fall to the ground, which worked beautifully with our story 'Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn'.  We talked about what is Autumn, discussed the word 'season' and that there are four seasons in a year.  We had a think about what else happens in Autumn, the children thought of some great observations; it's getting colder, we see conkers and acorns, we had our Harvest Celebration in Autumn and most importantly, the leaves fall off the trees (though not all trees).  we went on an Autumn walk to collect items that remind us of Autumn, we picked up a variety of leaves, they were different colours, shapes and sizes.  The children were able to tell us the different colours and were amazed at how many different coloured leaves we found.
We made some beautiful pictures of the different coloured leaves falling to the ground.
In PE we had the small apparatus out, the children remembered ways to move along the apparatus safely, we then pretended to be leaves falling from the trees, twirling and floating down to the ground.
We had our photograph taken by the school photographer too and those of us that have a big brother or sister in school got to have an extra photograph taken together. 
We are definitely noticing that the weather is getting colder and we are needing our coats on when we play outside.