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Primary School

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W/B 26th February 2024

Hey Diddle Diddle.


Maple children had Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle as their nursery rhyme this week.  They have really enjoyed role playing the different characters, particularly the dish and spoon running away.

The children have loved singing Hey Diddle Diddle, even whilst busy in activities, we have heard them singing quietly to themselves. They found the lyrics quite funny, commenting “ a cow can’t jump over the moon!’


We started the week off making some puffy paint to paint onto some paper plates, once set it looked like the surface of the moon.  The children loved mixing shaving foam and pva glue together and then sprinkling black paint into it. It took ages to dry but the children were really pleased with how ‘moon like’ it looked.  The next stage was to make the cow so it could jump over the moon.  The children really wanted to make some hand print paintings so we turned their handprints into the cow!


The children have also been very busy with some special art work but at the moment we need to keep it a secret - mum’s the word!


The children have been practising their 1:1 counting and are becoming more confident when counting items reliably up to five.  They practised counting the number blocks on the whiteboard.  
The children had a lovely surprise when they discovered the whiteboard had become ‘interactive’.  We spent a while learning how to touch the screen with one finger.  Once the children felt confident they interacted with a monster shape game, their challenge was to feed the correct shape into the monsters mouth, we added an additional challenge, the children had to say what colour the shape was too.  Well done Maple.


PE was in the form of yoga this week.  The children had commented on how much rain we had had and how loud is was on the windows.  We found a Cosmic Kids Yoga all about weather.  It is quite fast paced, however the children are beginning familiar with the names of some of the moves.


A busy, enjoyable week.  Well done Maple.