St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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W/B 8th January 2024

Five Little Snowmen.

Welcome back and Happy New Year! 

It's been lovely catching up with all the children again and hearing how they enjoyed their Christmas break. 

We've jumped right back in to a wintery theme. Maple children have been learning the rhyme Five Little Snowmen and throwing themselves into our snow cloud dough (similar texture to real snow so it can be moulded into snowballs and snowmen). The children have made some beautiful happy snowmen and snowladies.

They took part in a winter Cosmic Kids Yoga, they’ve not lost any of their flexibility over Christmas,

Messy play has been focussed around snow and ice, the children have experimented with snow cloud dough, clear ice and ‘snowy ice’, shaving foam and some water beads which the children loved pushing the whole hands into.


The children have been learning about Baptism.  This week they watched a video of a Baptism, we then re-created one, with the children choosing what name they would like to baptise ‘their baby’.

We have been focussing a lot on counting the snowmen before they melted and naming different colours. The children went to St. Mary’s room to use the Interactive White Board (IWB), we sang the song and counted the snowmen before they melted.  We have and will continue to focus on counting to five.  The children are working hard to remember to count reliably on a 1:1 basis and are beginning to recognise one hand also equals five!  As well as counting the children have been sorting specific colour buttons and hats for the snowmen to wear. 

A busy and fun start to the new term.