St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, together we love live and learn.

W/B 26th February 2024.


Elm children are continuing their dinosaur theme and are loving learning lots of different facts about the dinosaurs.


They have been immersed in a variety of books this week, including Dear Dinosaur.  They began the week by painting silhouettes of dinosaurs by putting down a dinosaur stencil then sponge painting over the stencil and page, then lifting the stencil off, very effective Elm!  They have also been practised their scissor skills by cutting out a dinosaur and making it stand up.  They finished with decorating it.


In phonics they were introduced to ‘b and f’.  Each week they are continuing to amaze us with their enthusiasm for phonics. They love all the games they play, especially Bertha the bus. The children were also reading the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle, like Maple children.  Elm children were focussing on how many syllables were in specific words, they repeated the word, then clapped it out, counting the syllables.  Well done children.


As well as stories about dinosaurs they have also been learning facts about them which they turned into a fact book.  They had great fun on a dinosaur scavenger hunt in the playground.  They first had to go on a dinosaur hunt looking for body parts, once they were all found they re-gathered as a team and set to work talking to each other about where each piece should go.  Great team work Elm,

Unfortunately Forest School was too water logged on Friday so Elm children joined Holly class for PE.  They played tidy your bedroom, which involved moving balls as quickly as possible and the game that sparked the most enthusiasm- the floor is lava!  During lunch they enthusiastically were telling Maple children how to play the game, at some points asking to leave the table to demonstrate their movements.  

PE was in the form of yoga this week.  We were joined by Maple children.  During the week the children had commented on how much rain we had had and how loud is was on the windows.  We found a Cosmic Kids Yoga all about weather.  It is quite fast paced, however the children are beginning familiar with the names of some of the moves.


Another busy week in Elm.  Well done children.