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Primary School

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W/B 29th January 2024.

Looking after the egg.

Elm children are continuing to impress us all with their enthusiasm for Little Wandle and hearing the position of sounds in words. They are now familiar with the different games they play and always ask to play 'Bertha the bus' again. Each morning they practise writing their name and again, their work ethic and perseverance is paying off as well as impressing us. 

Elm children continued their non fiction theme and looked at the book 'Looking after the egg'. They found out some amazing facts.  Did you know when penguins lay an egg, rather than the egg sitting in a nest to keep it safe, instead the egg sits on penguins feet snuggled in their coat to keep until the baby penguin is ready to hatch.  The children loved this fact so much they incorporated it into our PE warm up. We all had a ball in between our feet then we had to waddle around like the penguins do. Believe us, it's a lot harder than you think!


We joined forces with Maple for PE.   We had the parachute out again. The children waited for their turn to run over to Humpty, grab as many bricks as they could in a set time and begin to build Humpty's wall. After everyone had participated in building Humpty's wall we then 'jumped' Humpty around until he jumped off the parachute and onto the wall. Sadly, he still fell down!


A busy week!