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W/B 5th February 2024

Old MacDonald had a farm.

Maple children had another family favourite nursery rhyme this week - Old MacDonald! 

The children naturally wanted to turn the role play into Old MacDonald's farm, complete with tractors, pens and fields full of a large array of animals.  Our counting skills were put to use as the children were able to tell us when an amount in a group of up to three items changed. They used their knowledge of 1:1 counting to ensure their counting was accurate.

The children really enjoyed the farm animal jigsaws and by the end of the week were quite proficient at piecing the jigsaws together.  They continued accompanying the nursery rhyme with their musical instruments and enjoyed going into St Mary's room to partake in Cosmic Kids Yoga - Farm Time. 

In PE, with Elm joining us, we had another obstacle course ready for the children to practise, they all remembered the rules and how to line up sensibly. 


Well, it's been a short half time. Have a great half term break, please keep up reading stories to your child, what they gain from hearing stories on a regular basis is immense. 

Enjoy Shrove Tuesday and we look forward to hearing all about your amazing pancakes.