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W/B 4th March 2024

The Dinosaurs Egg.

This week in Elm the children have really outdone themselves with their learning.

Every morning during carpet time, the children are greeted with ‘hello’ followed by their names, recently Elm have had to think really hard as to whom is being addressed, as rather than listening for their names, they listen to words beginning with the same phoneme as their name! For example - the “hello jiggling jelly”, this would have been the greeting to someone whose name starts with the phoneme ‘j’.  The children are so clever, they all work out who is being spoken too, well done Elm.  

To continue challenging Elm children they then ‘estimate’ if the number of children present is more or fewer than yesterday’s number which will be displayed until they change it.  The children have a visual number line to help them and they are so good at this too.  You can see them working through their answer and referring to the number line. Their articulation and reasoning skills impress us so much, especially for children that are not even in reception class yet.  

The children’s phonetic knowledge is increasing daily.  This week the children were practising making words long and short.  They loved saying words such as ‘woof’ as a short sound ‘wuf ’ and then as a long word ‘wwwuuuuuffffff’.


Their new phonemes this week were ‘f’ and ‘l’, they have learnt so many phonemes this week Becci and Lynn have had to move all the phonemes to a longer wall to fit them all on!


Continuing on the dinosaur theme, the children read The Dinosaurs Egg this week, they then created some lovely dinosaur pictures.  They have also been busy recognising, creating and following patterns.


In PE this week with Maple we had the parachute out, which the children always love.  This time, reflecting the rhyme both classes have been reading, we had five ducks and their mummy swimming on the parachute then at then end the children needed to manipulate their parachute to enable one of the ducks to ‘swim away’, you can image the giggles as a duck went flying through the air.


Thursday was an extra special day this week - World Book Week.  The children had the choice to dress up as a character from a book, but the main focus was to bring in their favourite book for us to share.  We had the gruffalo,  little Robin red breast, Harty Potter, the witch, Rapunzel, Batman, little rabbit foo foo, the good fairy, Belle and burgular Bill and Betty and many more characters appearing throughout the day.   The children love hearing stories, every afternoon snack we have stories whilst munching on our snack.  Recently the children have asked for stories during their lunch too, so having extra special stories on World Book Day meant we were enjoying stories and being transported into magical worlds for most of the day- which the children adored.


Thank you for taking the time to help your children dress up and bring their books in, we know how busy life is, so do appreciate all your support.


On Friday, Elm children joined Holly class at Forest School, they were all involved in a dinosaur hunt, searching for all the different types and letting Mr Williamson know where about they found the dinosaurs.  One is still missing, so if you happen to see it on the way to school, please let Mr Williamson know!