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W/B 18th March 2024

The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Elm children are definitely on the countdown to Easter now.

 This was helped along by the children making chocolate Easter nests. They took their hand washing and hygiene very seriously, reminding their peers if anyone happened to touch their hair or face that they must wash their hands again! 
We had a lot of cooking knowledge, the children knew they needed to break the chocolate up and that the microwave would melt the chocolate.  We were very impressed. They each then chose two Easter marshmallows to sit on top of their nests.  On Friday, we had a little mixture left over so the children all had a teaspoon full of warm chocolate crispiest to eat-the delights and enormous chocolate smiles on their faces said it all! We think all the cakes made it home before they were devoured.


As well as Easter nests both classes made Easter cards, we hope you liked them?


We joined with Maple children for PE, the warm up was hilarious-who remembers the frog song? We had a giant frog on the screen demonstrating our warm up.  There was lots of giggling mixed in with the concentration of following ‘something on a screen’ and not in person.  The children did really well.


Elm children were reinforcing phonemes already taught this week.  They practised ‘j, b, f, l’.  On some photos you can see how many phonemes they have been introduced too, this is amazing when you remember they are three and four.  One of their favourite games is ‘Bertha the bus’, the bus drives to the zoo and the children have to choose an animal out of a special tin and say what phoneme/sound that animal starts with.  They are so good at this game.  Another favourite game is Silly Soup, the children put in items beginning with a specific sound/phoneme into the silly soup, which is best served chilly!


The children had one more Forest School session with Mr Williamson and Holly class.  They went on an Easter egg hunt, in fact, one Easter egg is still missing, so if anyone finds it, we know Mr Williamson will be delighted.


We hope you all have an enjoyable Easter and hopefully we will be seeing signs of Spring, in the form of blossom and flowers.


Happy Easter.