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This week in English, we are writing a dialogue between two characters from Eye of the Wolf. The characters you could choose from are: Blue-Wolf, Black Flame, The Boy, Grey Cousin, Perdrix or even the Redheads. Pages 26 and 33/34 in the book are good examples of what a dialogue should look like.

In your dialogue, you can make up a conversation that the two characters can have, perhaps a conversation about something that has already happened in the book and you can add to it, or a new conversation if you can imagine what the two characters might say to each other in an event of your choice. In your dialogue, try to include:


  • Inverted commas (speech marks) to indicate when each character starts and stops speaking.
  • Punctuation after the speech (usually ? ! or , that comes before the reported verbs).
  • Remember new speaker, new line.
  • A range of reported verbs to show how the character is saying the part of speech.
  • Try to add some description into your dialogue about where the characters are and what they are doing. For example, setting or atmosphere description.
  • Challenge: can you try to use words that convey the character's feelings or words that advance the action and move the story along?


Write this up neatly and bring it to school when you are back, as I can stick it in your book laugh

If you do not have a copy of the book or find the task tricky, I have also put other grammar activities below that you can have a go at.