St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Together we love, live and learn.


Over the week try and do some writing each day. Work on your handwriting and letter formation.


By the end of this week - try and create your own pirate story! I have attached several documents to try and help you do this.


Adults if you could have a look at the story mountain, word mat and story checklist, just to familiarise yourselves with the story ideas and elements that could be included. I have also included a story and picture writing sheet - these can be printed and each days work can be written on them with their own picture to go alongside. I have also included adventure story display cut outs if the children want to look at those for inspiration for their own stories. 


A rough plan for the week might be as follows but please just do what you can with your child and if this is something completely different that if fine. I have just put something here so you can run with it if you wish. It also links with our new topic - Land Ahoy (see curriculum folder for other topic learning ideas.)


How to plan a story - BBC Bitesize (a good video to watch with the children before considering the story).


Monday: Plan your story mountain - what happens in each phase of the story...

Tuesday: Write you introduction (set the scene, who is in your story and describe them and where they are).

Wednesday: Write your build up (what is going to happen in your story? Add in a problem or a mystery to solve) and write the dilemma (what is the main problem or obstacle).

Thursday: Write the resolution (how does your character deal with the problem? How will they solve it?).

Friday: Write your ending (what happens to your character? You could add an unexpected twist!)


When you have finished make sure you check your work and edit it where necessary. You can include a picture each day with your writing if you wish. 


I hope you have lots of fun plotting and writing your may help you to imagine you are the main character!


Please bring you stories into school and we will have a sharing session with the class...we are already excited to hear your stories...


Happy writing :)