St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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Open up your heart to others today...






Reading and Writing 

Avast ye! Listen up you landlubbers, the pirates are in town....arrrrrr!  

Today we will be pirates instead! We will learn how to speak like a pirate, order rotten fish, rotten veg and have grog for lunch (just kidding!) We will discover our pirate names, have sword fights, walk the plank and make pirate parrot pals. 



We are going to be completing some math mats this week. They will cover a range of topics for you to have a go at. 


Religious Education    

This week, we are learning about Pentecost. 

Pentecost is a Christian event where people celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Watch the story by clicking on the power point below. Answer the questions using the worksheet provided. 




Today we are going to learn about the parts of a flower.  Read through the PowerPoint presentation and then see if you can draw and label your own flower. 

You might even like to have a go at making your own flower out of things you find in the house!