St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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What a wonderful day! Write a list of wonderful things!


Reading and Writing

Similes paint pictures in our heads! Roald Dahl was

very good at using similes to make funny,

pop-up pictures!

'Up she went like a jack-in-a-box' and

'she shot out of the roof like a rocket!'. 

Today, you will write some similes too. 



Today we will be continuing with our work on length and height. 



We will be completing the pages on length and height in the booklets below. Have a look at the power points too. 





In Year 2, we are learning about Mary as it is the month of May! Head over to the RE page to choose a new activity!!!


Last week you identified and labelled fruit and vegetables then put them into their two groups. This week I would like you to imagine that you lived in a fruit and vegetable world! Look at the pictures I have attached, then have a go at drawing yourself as a tiny person who lives in a world made up of these foods.