St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Together we love, live and learn.


Well Done Wednesday!!

Well done for home learning! What are you most proud of?


Reading and Writing

Today we will be adding nouns and adjectives to our story maps. 

LO: Can I add nouns and adjectives to my story map? 

Remember, a noun is the name of a place, person or thing e.g. Grandma, chair, medicine.

An adjective describes the noun e.g. ugly, small, wrinkled, brown. Look at my map and see if you can add some words. 



We will continue our work on position and direction. LO: Can I use the vocabulary of position and direction?

Today we will use all the words that we have been learning to navigate our way around our own map! Can you use the words we have been learning to find your way around the shops? 

See Tuesday for the vocabulary!