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Primary School

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Good Morning Everyone!!

I hope that you are all well this morning and ready for some more learning opportunities!


Reading and Writing

We are looking at Revolting Recipes and learning how to identify the features of instructions through recipes! What features did we learn? Can you remember? Lets have a look!


Can you see a title?

Is it in time order? How do you know?

Does it have numbers?

Can you spot any imperative verbs? (They're the bossy ones - a bit like Mrs Rose!)


Did you make one of the meals? If so, email your photos to the office! We would love to see!!





LO: Can I identify the features of instructions?

Today your challenge is find the same features in different books! 

You can find the features of instructions in many places:

You can look in the internet

You can find them in a recipe book

You can find them on a maths worksheet


I have included some examples below, just in case! Just click on the links in the section below. I have also included a worksheet on imperative verbs. 



Good morning mathematicians!

We have started learning all about symmetry. What is a line of symmetry? How do you know? Are both parts equal? 

We are going to be continuing our work on symmetry. 

Year 1 LO: Can I draw a line of symmetry?

Year 2 LO: Can I draw lines of symmetry?



Click on the links below for the worksheets.


EXT: Go on a symmetry hunt in your garden. Cut our shapes and fold them equally along their lines of symmetry.