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Primary School

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Tuesday 2nd June


We have done a few of these this year and you all loved them! So choose a couple and see if you can correct all of them smiley


Bit a change up for today! I would like you all to be creative and think of your own PE game that keeps to the measures of social distancing. For example, tennis is appropriate as you use a racket and rarely touch the ball.

Think about the equipment you could use. Hoops? Bean bags? Benches? Rackets? Try to be imaginative and remember you can have your own equipment in the game, but can't touch anyone else's. 

I look forward to seeing what games you come up with. If you send your labelled diagrams to the office I can upload them onto the Yr 6 page for other families to try laugh


Have a go at some interactive games on the Charles Darwin Trust website. I have copied the link below (You have to agree to adobe flash player in order to play the games).