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Primary School

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Teach me Tuesday!!

Write a list of things that you can teach your adult!


Reading and Writing

LO: Can I suggest some questions that I'd like to ask George?


Today, we are going to recall and retrieve information from the book that we have read to so far (*head over to the storytime page to listen to the story so far). We are going to think of some questions that we would like to ask George. Here are some of mine...



Why were you dancing, George?

What was your favourite ingredient and why?

Were you scared of Grandma?

Discuss with your adult.


LO: Can I make some 3D shapes? Today is our last day on 3D shapes. Can you make some 3D shapes using things you can find in your house or garden? Perhaps you could find some sticks on your daily walk? Here are some ideas to get you started...


Physical Education

Click on the optional PE page to choose an activity.