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Reading and Writing

Look at the letter from the front of the book. What words and phrases make you want to set sail and find treasure? Write your own letter persuading pirates to look for treasure . 



You can find lots of pirate items. Can you make them into a picture graph? Use the frame below, or make your own. 


Jesus had returned to God, his Father, and the Holy Spirit was helping the friends of Jesus to pass the message on to others so that they might become his friends too.  This marked the beginning of the Church, its birth.  Pentecost is a holy day on which many parish families celebrate with a party.  On the holy day of Pentecost, the priest wears red vestments at Mass like the colour of fire.






  1. Who is in the picture?
  2. What do you think the people in the picture are celebrating?
  3. How do you celebrate a birthday?
  4. Why is Pentecost a holy day?


To help us to remember the holy day of Pentecost and what it means there is another video below.  I wonder if you could make a head band with a flame on.  The flame template is below but you could draw your own. 


Could you write on it how the Holy Spirit guides you to help and serve others.  It might be easier to think about what you could do to share the love of Jesus.  The 'fruits or gifts of the Holy Spirit' can help us think about the kind of people we would like to be.