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Thinking Thursday

 The answer is... treasure map...

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Reading and Writing

A pirate is a person who attacks and robs ships. Some pirate captains would start with a small ship and crew. Once they had captured a bigger ship, they would use that instead. John 'Jack' Rackham - He made the Jolly Roger flag. Bartholomew Roberts - He stole 400 ships! Pirates can still be found today, in Africa, but they don't dress the same as they did long ago. Click the link below to read all about it. 



Use these fantastic differentiated worksheets for Year 1 and 2 children to practise using their addition and subtraction skills to solve calculations with a fun pirate theme. This set of differentiated activities includes subtraction, addition with numbers to 10, numbers to 20 and numbers to 30. Two of the levels are simple addition and subtraction but the challenge for the more able is to solve a code breaker with mixed addition and subtraction. Click the link below. 



Arrgh, sail the stormy seas learning about different parts of a pirate ship with this PowerPoint.  It features a diagram showing the different parts of a ship, as well as great information about the types of pirate ships including a sloop and square-rigger. Can you label the ship?