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Audio files of the story in case you don't have the book to read.

Chapter 2 Who.mp3

Chapter 3 The Snatch.mp3

Chapter 4 The Cave.mp3

Chapter 5 The BFG 1.mp3

Chapter 5 The BFG 2.mp3

Chapter 6 The Giants.mp3

Chapter 7 The Marvellous Ears.mp3

Chapter 8 Snozzcumbers 1.mp3

Chapter 8 Snozzcumbers 2.mp3

Chapter 9 The Bloodbottler 1.mp3

Chapter 10 Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers.mp3

Chapter 11 Journey to Dream County 1.mp3

Chapter 11 Journey to Dream Country 2.mp3

Chapter 12 Dream-Catching.mp3

Chapter 13 A Trogglehumper for the Fleshlumpeater.mp3

Chapter 14 Dreams.mp3

Chapter 15 The Great Plan.mp3

Chapter 16 Mixing the Dream.mp3

Chapter 17 Journey to London.mp3

Chapter 18 The Palace.mp3

Chapter 19 The Queen

Chapter 20 The Royal Breakfast