St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

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September Home Learning

Hope you have had a good summer, I am looking forward to see you when are back at school!


Here is some work below for you to complete at home. 


  • Choose an interesting book and read at home for at least 30 minutes a day. There is a link below to some fantastic books you can buy online, we have many of these books in school!
    You can either read on your own or to a family member. If reading with someone, discuss what you are reading and pick out interesting vocabulary.
  • Complete one of the activities below each day. There is a selection- maths (do this in chunks), reading, science and PSHE.
  • Day project- Research online as much as you can about the Iron Age. Can you make a poster about a round house or a hill fort? Why did Celtic Warriors wear blue 'paint' when they went to battle?