St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Together we love, live and learn.


Welcome to Reception AT St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.


Autumn Term – Looking back


Wow! The children settled in quickly and soon were ready for learning. It   All the children enjoyed learning about our local area and different cultures   around the world through story.  We started by finding out about school and our local area. We then flew to different places around the world, including Tanzania where the children could ask questions and follow the teachers who were out there visiting our link school.


Just look at some of our photographs.

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Our role play as started as a home corner before it changed into a  jungle then Stanta’s workshop following  the children’s lead. This  meant we could practice our story telling, counting and writing, as well as learning to share with one another.
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In phonics we now know 36 phonemes and are busy trying to use them in our writing.
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In maths we have been learning about the value of number.
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Other useful information      


At St Joseph’s Primary School learning is fun and it all starts in the Foundation Stage classes. At school our motto is ‘Together we love, live and learn’ and we do a lot!
We are all very excited about starting another new school year. We have adventures, visitors and much more planned for our new children.


This half term we will be helping the children to settle into their new class and their new school. We will be helping the children to make new friends and to develop their social skills. We want the children to enjoy school and for them to have a positive start to school life.


We will be working on developing the characteristics of effective learning which are essential skills for the children to make progress.


Characteristics of Effective Learning are:


Playing and exploring-engagement

Finding out and exploring

Playing with what they know

Being willing to ‘have a go’


Active Learning-motivation

Being involved and concentrating

Keeping trying

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do


Creating and thinking critically-thinking

Having their own ideas

Making links

Choosing ways to do things.

Our current  topics are ‘Hot and Cold’.

We will also be beginning our  daily phonic sessions.

Your child has chosen a book for you to share with them at home. You are welcome to change this book in the morning when you bring your child in. Please make sure your child has their book bag in school every day. 


If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to speak to a member our  Foundation stage Team.