St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Together we love, live and learn.


You are all little stars!!! Write a list of things that you would like to do when you get back to school. 


Reading and Writing

Today we will be thinking about the ending of George's Marvellous Medicine. What do you think will happen to Grandma and George? 

LO: Can I predict the end of the story? 

You can write the end of the story, or draw a story map, or express your new ending in any way you like! 


Today we will be learning all about capacity. Look at the power points below and then try the activities. 



Now it's time to get creative!! Make a medicine that George would be proud of!!! You can make it in any way you like. You could:

Bake it, mix it, mud it, sand it, draw it, paint it , any way you want to make it!