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Topic -  Geography

In our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic we have a chance to look at food and where it comes from all over the world. Below is a video of the journey of a banana from where it is grown in Costa Rica to when it arrives at the supermarket for us to buy it. Watch the video and then draw and write the story of the banana's journey. If you find it easier use the writing frame I have included below.

The Journey Of Bananas: From Land To Your Hand

A brief look at how the humble banana is grown in a Costa Rican field - as well as the harvesting, treatment, packing and the transporting processes involved...

Have a go at learning the different colours in French using the word mat above. Then see if you can complete the rainbow activity from what you have learnt. 

One of the colours in the rainbow is not mentioned on the word mat but can you work out what the colour should be?

You will notice that the French words for some of the colours look the same as the French, that is because we get 45% (that's nearly half!) of our words from French (thank William the Conqueror for that!).

Even though the words look the same they are pronounced differently - look out for more Remus videos, coming soon, that will help you to say the words correctly.