St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Together we love, live and learn.

Children's Work

Writing based on The Indian in the Cupboard book :) I love the use of questioning and varying sentence lengths to build suspense and excitement.

Amazing Blue Abyss Artwork!

A weather forecast - see if you can spot which suffixes have been used!

A beautiful drawing of Kensuke's island from Kensuke's Kingdom.

Fabulous posters showing learning about Jacques Cousteau! Great detail and presentation :D

Jacques Cousteau spread awareness about sea life, highlighting the importance of taking care of it. This poster is about this message.

A beautiful birdhouse - what a lovely way to help the environment :)

I was blown away when I read this lovely formal letter written for people in a local old people's home - what a kind and caring thing to do!

Here is a poster designed by another Year 4 child, giving advice about how to stay safe :)