Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 from Miss Kopsch!

Here are some extra activities the children could do at home:

Standard English – three levels of difficulty

Semi colons and dashes

Phrases and clauses

Christmas Maths

Maths mastery decimal places

Negative number challenge cards

Rounding decimals

Problem solving with addition and subtraction

Over the autumn term we have been doing lots of interesting things.

Please have a look below at the pictures of the children’s learning so far…

Using ‘Talk for Write’ actions and pictures, we wrote instructions and made a smoothie and rocky road cakes.

IMG_2128 IMG_2131

We have been using maths resources in lessons to support learning, but also strengthen depth of learning. Here we are being creative with how to represent number:

Our Victorian topic led to discussions about different topics such as: workhouses, schools, monarchy and the industrial revolution. We are sorting facts into their relevant categories.

We had an amazing time at Alton Castle, thinking about discipleship and learning about new strengths. It was a bit chilly but everyone joined in with good spirits!