Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page!

2018-2019- Miss Knight and Mrs Wood

Alchemy Island

Our first half term topic of the year was Alchemy Island.  We explored the alchemist’s riddle and used six figure grid references to plot the coordinates and find the journey on the map from the Ancient Citadel to Dragon Vine Towers.

We have discussed magical portals and how we can use them in fantasy stories. In reading, we have delved into The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis, which has helped the children with being creative and imaginative in their writing!

Year 5 have also been doing a number of Science experiments. We had a special package from Alchemy Island, where we needed to compare and analyse the different samples and materials. In our experiments, we have grouped the materials based on their physical properties, looking at their solubility and understood how the materials can be separated using methods such as filtering, sieving, magnetism etc.

To finish off the half term topic, we made our own 3D models of Alchemy Island in DT and Art. We designed the different areas, looking at the coordinates and plotting where our physical and human features would be.


Our second topic for this term was Stargazers- all about space! This topic has been so much fun and we have learnt so much about the Universe and everything in it! From planets to constellations, we have explored to infinity and beyond. Our half term book ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’ by Stephen and Lucy Hawking has helped us distinguish between science-fiction and science-fact.

The children have had great fun with Mrs Batten in PE and French. In PE, the children have been learning gymnastic sequences, including using equipment and creating balances. In French, we have been learning about the weather and what it would be like to be a weather reporter!

Just before Christmas we had a special visit from the One World Group and a lady called Karen Argent who worked for The Letterpress Project. We read books about children refugees and the difficult journey that some families have to take. We explored feelings, thoughts and what we could do if a refugee child started in our school. To help further understand, we wrote acrostic poems that have been sent to be published on The Letterpress website!