Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s Class Page

Spring is in the air, the daffodils are out and lambs are being born but it’s not just the plants and animals who are changing! Here in year 3 there have been a few changes this term but the children all have a spring in their step and are working hard. Check out our class page to see what we’re up to.


Mrs Foxon will be in class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You will also see her around school on Thursday.

Mrs Batten will be in class Thursday and Friday but she also teaches other year groups on a Wednesday.

Mrs Coombes works hard with year 3 all week.


Key dates for year 3:

Wednesday 20th March – The History Man

Thursday 28th March – The British Camp walk


Mrs Foxon’s maths challenge: Maths is my favourite subject and I love a challenge so I thought I’d challenge you. Check out the link and have a go. Bring your findings in to school to share with me, I’d love to see what you think. Remember, I will update the challenge so keep checking.


Home learning

As promised, I have created some number club practice sheets to be printed at home. Check your own answers and correct any mistakes.

11 club practice sheet 22 club practice sheet 33 club practice sheet 44 club practice sheet 55 club practice sheet 66 club practice sheet 77 Club practice sheet 88 Club practice sheet 99 Club practice sheet 110 Club practice sheet



We are working really hard to improve our handwriting in year 3. Our focus at the moment is joining ‘n‘ and ‘r‘. Keep checking for updates to see photos of our neat writing. If you would like to practice at home, ask an adult for some handwriting paper. Mrs Foxon has set a challenge to find the most improved handwriting. The prize for the most improved is the chance to use the laptop for a few lessons.

handwriting sheets


This week we have been looking at poetry. We have been identifying vocabulary for effect and during reading, we rehearsed and performed poems to each other. We have also been learning about poetic techniques and will be writing our own.








Spellings will be tested every Monday. Click on the link to print a new copy of your spellings.

week 4 group 1

week 4 group 2


With Mrs Foxon, we are learning about measurements. We have been practising measuring length to the nearest mm and have been learning how to use partitioning to convert measurements. Over the coming weeks, we will be working together to carry out investigations.



We are learning all about plants and will be carrying out a range of practical experiments.  Year 3 believe that plants need compost, water, a pot, sunlight and company in order to grow so we have set up an experiment to see if we are right. This week the children even convinced Mrs Foxon to pour compost on the windowsill.…. let’s hope the cleaners don’t mind. It is all in the name of science after all.



Every week Jim comes in to teach our PE. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable and has designed lessons to help with the development of fine and gross motor skills. The ideas is that our PE lessons will help us to improve our handwriting as well as our ball control.


FAME – cornet lessons

Some of the children have been asking for the sheet music for hot cross buns so that they can practice.