Sports Funding

Sports Funding

National Curriculum Swimming

We provide swimming lessons as part of the national curriculum, either in KS1 or KS2. This aims to enable children to meet the requirement to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres by the time they leave primary school.

Number in cohortNumber able to swim at least 25 metresAs a percentage


Sports Funding 2017-18 Funds ReceivedFunds Spent
April (final 2016-17 payment)£3,600
October (initial 2017-18 payment)£10,133
Interactive Information ScreenAnomaly£1746
Autumn 1Sports Plus after-school club£1540
Autumn 2Sports Plus after-school club£1575
Spring 1Sports Plus after-school club£1545
Dance in Motion after-school dance club£150
Peak Gymnastics after-school club£60
Spring 2Sports Plus after-school club£940
Dance in Motion after-school dance club£125
Peak Gymnastics after-school club£40
Summer 1Sports Plus after-school club£1410
Summer 2Sports Plus after-school club£1410
Music Choir ClubYoung Voices£467.50
Healthy Eating / CookeryClass based£50
Sports EquipmentClimbing Frame, goals, balls, athletics & football kits£633.99
BikeabilityCycling Proficiency levels 1 & 2£340
Total Received to date£13,733
Total Spend to date£12,032.49

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